Giving back to those who give the most.

As someone whose life is intricately connected to real estate, I not only have a passion for the field but also a deep understanding of what it truly means to have and love a home - a place of safety, warmth, love and security where families bond by building memories and traditions that last a lifetime. Each time I work with a family to help them purchase a home, I experience through their eyes how they fall in love with the structures and how almost instantly the memories start to build and grow.  

Wildfires are part of life here in Southern California and nearly every year, we lose thousands of acres to the heat and resulting blazes. When fires grow beyond brush and scrub to spread through neighborhoods and destroy homes, lives and memories, the surrounding communities are truly devastated. People who lose their homes experience grief, mourning and loss on a deeply personal level as the homes they nurtured, cherished and filled with memories are literally gone in the blink of an eye. It fills my heart with sadness as I think of the happiness my clients feel when they purchase their homes only to realize how many lives are intricately changed forever during fires like the recent Canyon Fire 2 blaze in Anaheim Hills. 

As I watched the news and devastating loss unfolding before my eyes, I was overcome with a sense of helplessness and sadness. I wanted to help not only the families who are experiencing this traumatic loss but also those who are risking their lives to save others and to mitigate as much damage as possible.  Because I am fortunate and blessed to be part of Inspiring Women of OC, a women's empowerment group, I was able to call on these amazing women to rally together to provide hot meals to firefighters in 4 of the stations who worked tirelessly to save families, pets, homes and memories during the blaze.

These dedicated women collected blankets, food and beverages to deliver to the shelters at El Modena High and Katella High, then visited Station 53 in Yorba Linda, Station 10 in Anaheim, Orange County Fire Authority Station 32 and Station 1 in Huntington Beach with delicious meals donated by Panini Kabob Grill, Biltong Jerky and Wild Strawberry Cafe. Without the dedication of these fearless firefighters, many more homes and families would have been leveled and without the love and support of the generous community, families who have already lost so much would have felt even more alone. As the fires are dying down and people are learning how to start over, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who helped make this difficult situation a little bit easier; a tiny bit more bearable. As humans, our compassion and caring for one another create love and light that shine infinitely through the universe to help heal aching hearts and broken spirits. I love Orange County and its spirit of giving.

Today I am saying thank you to everyone who dug deep and whose actions showed someone who has lost everything that there is still hope left in the world.