My Health and Fitness Journey


If you follow me on Instagram (, you’ve joined my health and fitness journey at my new happy place, Stark (! On May 19, I stepped into this fabulous boutique gym in Irvine with three major personal goals: to eat clean, exercise at least three times a week, and stretch to avoid chronic pain. I said it then and I’ll say it again, they don’t mess around here! I’ve always been athletic and passionate about fitness, and my experience as part of Stark over the past four months has delivered a completely new way to challenge my body and mind.

My journey kicked off with “The Ultimate Package," which includes the most extensive health and fitness evaluation I've ever heard of!  This assessment includes everything... body composition (19% body fat to start!), a posture analysis, movement testing, lifestyle, cardiovascular testing, and they even ran labs to check and make sure my blood chemistry is optimal!  From there, my new fit fam customized my plan to deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time.


What makes Stark so extraordinary is its fully integrated approach to health and fitness.  Through exercise, nutrition, IV therapy (I hate needles, but I love this!), and orthopedic/chiropractic care, the team of experts actually collaborate on my behalf to make sure every detail of my program is dialed in. I take full advantage of all of these incredible services, and I absolutely love Rob Ryan, my amazing trainer, whose shouts of encouragement keep me starkin’ it during each one-hour session, whether I’m punching, kicking, crunching, jumping, lifting, lunging, or squatting. Stark’s no excuses mentality—even when I’m saddled with a broken toe—helps me work out my frustrations, and Rob Ryan thankfully doesn’t let me get away with anything. Workouts are endlessly creative, like when I’m pulling his butt around on a sled. They’re the perfect mix of fun and kicking my own ass.

And my results are insane. Now that I’m fueling my body with optimal nutrition, my energy levels have skyrocketed. I love witnessing the incredible physical changes in my body too, including toned everything and zero new injuries! My chronic hip pain has even disappeared, thanks to stretching after each session. Keeping me injury-free is no easy feat! Stark’s collaborative, complete approach not only saves me time, it has also helped me recover from injury and stay healthy and energized to keep up with my demanding real estate career, busy family, and community involvement—not to mention my new Bravo show, “Real Estate Wars,” and all of the red carpets!

I’ll continue to share my health and fitness journey with you in hopes that it inspires you to challenge yourself every day!